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Fanny Fun Facts


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Fanny has been successfully selling Real Estate and Mentoring Realtors for over a decade. She has been one of the leaders of Align Right Realty since day one as she was coached by Johnny Loewy himself.

Fanny was born and raised in France where she graduated from the Marseille Culinary School on the Hospitality side of the business.  She grew up in Alsace, moved with her Mother and Brother (who is also a Real Estate Broker in Provence) to the Alpes and then to Marseille where worked her way to graduation. 

Countries she lived in:

  • France
  • Ireland 
  • Spain
  • USA (ID, CA, NV, FL)

Unique and amazing work she had:

  • Catering 
  • Wedding planner
  • Ice Rink manager
  • Realtor

Point of interest:

  • Spending time with my son
  • Gym 
  • Figure skating 
  • Latin Dancing  
  • Fishing

Through this experience, Fanny has a skill of adapting herself to almost any situations. She is quick, honest, knowledgeable, has many skills that you can take advantage of. She is a professional in the Real Estate industry and educates her customers as needed. Fanny is a leader in the Align Right Realty family and has been mentoring some of the most successful ARR agents and Brokers. She has a passion to help people and her personality will not disappoint. You just need to meet her.